E-services for upper secondary schools

If you attend a municipal upper secondary school, you and your guardian will need to login to Skolplattformen in order to find information from your school or to contact the school.

Mina sidor (my pages)

Mina sidor is where parents/guardians can change their contact details for the City’s digital services, such as Skolplattformen. Parents/guardians need to make sure that their contact details are correct so that they are able to use Skolplattformen.

You can use Skoplattformen to

  • receive information about the education and educational materials
  • receive information about how the education is planned and its content
  • upload your school assignments
  • see documentation that your teachers have posted about your progress (knowledge development)
  • register absences and check your registered attendance and absences
  • see your schedule
  • receive the latest information from your school mentor (advisor), class teacher, or school.

As a parent/guardian, you will need BankID to login.

Skolplattformen as an app

You can use Skolplattformen on your mobile phone, using an app. As a guardian, you need BankID to be able to log in.

Anmäl frånvaro (App for reporting absences)

At municipal upper secondary schools, parents/guardians can use the Anmäl frånvaro app for reporting absences. You need to register your mobile phone number in Mina sidor in order to use the app.

The app is not available for use by students. Go to the page called “Frånvaro och ledighet” for a general description and information on how to report absences.